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Evolving Custom Communication Protocols

I once again spoke at 28C3 in Berlin, Germany for Part-Time Scientists.  Today, the topic was Evolving Custom Communication Protocols.  We used Cartesian Genetic Programming to create the finite state machines of a transceiver, including all packet flow control logic.  This only works when there is at least some trivial adversary, such as Outer Space for our moon mission.  The technique works even better when an attacker is included and allowed full access to all data and is coevolved with the transceiver.  For our runs, transceivers evolved with and without an attacker both handle a validation case equally well, but the transceivers evolved with an attacker are accelerating their evolution and will soon out perform their less-stressed cousins.

Code, data, and the presentation PDF/PPT are online here:

The YouTube video is here:



Algorithm Invention with Cartesian Genetic Programming

A couple of days ago, I got the honor of presenting at 28C3 in Berlin, Germany for the Part-Time Scientists!  The topic was “Automatic Algorithm Invention” and featured my foray into Cartesian Genetic Programming.  The topic is exciting actually and much easier to get started with than you might think!  To prove it, I’ve posted the presentation materials and code:

There is also a YouTube video of the presentation:

For me, the heart of the technique is the addition of “state” to the input and output variables.  Chromosomes each get private state and share common state.  They are evolved to cooperate and share information via this state.

Danke everyone that turned out and I look forward to hearing about your adventures with evolving algorithms!