Maker Faire Detroit 2011

It’s that time of year again, time for Maker Faire Detroit!

This year, I’m showing the FRETS1 satellite.  We’ve been hard at work on the design of the satellite’s systems, the ion engine, and frankly, learning a lot about space.   I also learned quite a bit from just talking with people a couple of months ago at the Ann Arbor Mini Maker Faire.  It was hot, well over 100F in the open air buildings at AAMMF.  Several of the builders had to pack up early because of the heat.  Throughout it all, people kept coming to our display and talking a lot about the satellite project.  Everyone was uncomfortable on the concrete, in the heat, with no air flow and yet the enthusiasm for a satellite project they could relate to never stopped.  I don’t have words for just how inspiring that experience was and hope Maker Faire Detroit brings the same energy – just more comfortably for everyone.

There is now a separate blog about the satellite and engine’s progress, at frets1.com.  Check it out, especially the gallery of high resolution satellite prototype photos.

I hope to see everyone at the Maker Faire Detroit in just a few days (July 30-31 in Dearborn, Michigan at The Henry Ford).



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